Building a new Site!

I am in the Process of moving everything over to my new Blog,

this time a Blog that ill never have to move again. At the start I didn’t know the difference in WordPress.com and WordPress.org, ones free and the other req you have a domain. I had a Domain for some time now and never really understood what to do next, alot of nights of trials and errors figure out how to make it work, but finally took a few days recently to put it all together, so now I have a new site that I am building, and having fun with it lol.

New Site is www.TheClowEffect.com

Same name lol, but I like the name! Ill trasnfer over to the new site 2010, jan 1. So untill then ill try to update this site till then. The reason, i wanted a bigger better site, with all kinda of Addons that look neat and just more things to do with it. WordPress has been great and I really enjoy the interface and how easy it is to get into these kinds of things.Ill try to do more post and blog more anime, but I get busy here and there, video Games, PC games, Anime, Older anime shows , my Art pictures and Anime news I rare post about lol.


2 Responses to “Building a new Site!”

  1. December 13, 2009 at 2:04 am

    I would rather stay with wordpress.com since its less hassle with everything. Man.. I used to be just like you lol, there is a huge difference between .com and .org. Mainly for .org u can just change the theme and edit the appearances (more options for that) but in .com you can do the same thing and its cheaper too but limited. The new site is looking good :3 can you add a homepage button?? I can’t seem to find it. Oh btw you should make sure you have a good webhost cuz if you have too many people on your site or w/e they might shut it down or make everything slower ..and also backup your files.. very important. + get wp super cache plugin, it speeds everything up lol I can just go on and on about a lot of things you need but I won’t xD

  2. December 13, 2009 at 5:47 am

    ahh thanks for the advice. ya i just like all the little addons you get with .org, .com ya its very easy and cheap to get into. i got my site from Godaddy.com only cost me 10$ to get a domain. but thanks again, ill get right on that.

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