Sacred Blacksmith ep 7


Cecily arrives home with… three unwanted guest, who call her house….

Episode Summary –

Cecily arrives home with… three unwanted guest, who call her house small and if she really is a noble but find out Cecily was a former noble.They meet the maid Fio Atkins, who has one family rule, “If one does not work….One will die.” (kick ass tough maid!) With that our three guest are Fio has them dress as maids and do the many chores in the house, she also says she won’t serve the Cambell house and won’t serve anyone else. Charlotte Gives in but wants Cecily to work as well and Fio thinks it will be fun to have her work, so drags Cecily off to get a maid outfit, Cecily kicking and screaming saying ” I am the master of the house!” In the town Cecily is out doing some chores when she runs into Lisa and Luke, Embarrassed being seen in her maid outfit she tries to hide but has already been seen. Luke says she looks nice but she punches him and runs away leaving Luke wondering what he did. After doing a bit of chores around the house they finally get to relax in a giant bath,as we learn a bit about Charlotte’s mother and the reason why she wants Aria. Charlotte’s mother wanted to be accepted into the imperial family, but had passes away, so she figures if she, her daughter, would get recognized, then the emperor will remember her mother. In order to do that I needs both Aria and the blacksmith and thus she could be recognized. After some time in the house, Charlotte and Lucy start to bond more as if she thinks of Lucy as her own mother and get along well with each other. At the castle Aria finds one of the demon swords that can transmogrifies(fun word) into a human, and asks why the three other demon swords can’t transform?, whats the difference between us and them?, what was she born for?. All Evadne says is you’ll come to know in time, when the time is right. The next day at the castle Cecily, Charlotte and everyone else meet Hugo, that he’s received a replay from the Emperor. The letter says “No one with the name of Charlotte E Firobisher exists in the Empire, she is the one who claimed the Emperor’s name and stole the demon swords from the imperial knights, her sword is fake and demands that you return the demon swords to them and they shall be severely punished under the law of the Empire. to be contuined…

This episode started out kinda lame but in the end it made it worth it, opened up a lot more questions for me and can;t wait to see what turns out. I want to know why Aria and Evadne are different from the other Demon Swords, and are there anymore swords that can change into humans? and does Luke have any ties with the Demon Swords and as a blacksmith does he make Demon Swords?! The ending in my opinion really got the story moving again, Wonder what will happen next?! what will happen to Charlotte and the others?!


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