By Josh

cardcaptor_sakuraJosh/Thorgriim (My Gamer tag, whither it be World of Warcraft, or Aion online, but now I usually go by Sakuraa, Sakurano, or my current anime favorites ) Well i am the younger brother and came up with the idea of a shared blog between bothers.We both like anime and always end up watching them together. My type of Anime, well i don’t really have one, I like Drama, Clannad was my first real Drama Anime I guess, Comedy Romance, Slice of Life, Mecha, Supernatural, Some Adventures, And recently I been checking out some Loli type Anime, (I try to draw Loli characters but not the dirty pictures or anything that you may see Hate it!), and all kinds of Genres. Now for themes I usually hate anything like Love Hina, Or Some Harem(Depends on the story i guess), Some Fan service anime(it’s not all bad but too much of it kills the anime for me), and military anime.I Don’t read much manga, everytime I fine a good one they make an anime of it and i end up watching that instead.I also like drawing and playing video games but i like anime the most! So that a little about me i am 24 a year younger than Fosh/Joey and this is my first time doing a blog that i always wanted to try out so keep checking us out well be around for a while!

My Art work, ill try to work on more drawing they tend to be at the bottem of my list of things I want to do lol, But i had an idea of darwing  Sakura from Cardcapters, cosplaying as my favorite type of Anime currently watching.

Joey/Foshizzel (my Video Game name, World of warcraft or Aion Online, or mostly everything) here or joey..iam thors/Josh’s older brother guess my story is similar to his. We both grew up watching anime and almost the same type of shows, sometimes watching other things i would always go for the “odd” shows. I found Ranma 1/2 randomly through friends got hooked on that, there are a few other shows but i cant remember much. I usually poke  fun of shows while i’m watching them,so ill probably take a more a comedic view on Anime usually a character will say something and it catches my thought to say something else that he/she would not normally say. Some info on me i’m 25 and i like to draw and sometimes read some manga, i like Action,Mecha,Adventure,Comedy,Romance and Fantasy. So i guess thats just about all i have iam looking forward to reviewing anime this would be my first time lol.

We’ve always been an Anime fan since we were little, the Anime that started it all for us was Salormoon and Dragon Ball Z.  I remember coming home and watching Toonami every afternoon from 1997 – 2004  and from there i’ve been watching anime ever since then.

September 2, 2001 Adult Swim started and we’ve watched that forever and still do to this day, Bleach,Ghost in the shell, Code Geass, Eureka Seven Cowboy bepop the list goes on and on. I want to say starting around 2003 – 2009 we have been watching all kinds of Anime.

we both like Subtitle and Dubbed Anime shows, Dubbed Anime it really depends on the voice actors and the company. There are some horrible dubbed Anime out there but there are also some really well done Anime shows.  After all this time watching Subtitle i am kinda use to it and now rather watch it in subs, then wait for a dub but we always catch our selfs rewatching the anime in Dubbed, eithere from syfy or Cartoonnetwork Adultswim or internet or Renting, and buy moves or TV shows that we really enjoy and like alot and would rewatch more then once.

Now we don’t only watch anime in our spare time but we may consider ourselfs video game nerds or Gamers, now this is where we are a little differnt Joey Play Xbox alot, but Josh very little and Josh plays Playstation 2 a lot then joey lol. Soon ill own a PS3. And then we spend most my time playing MMORPG’s (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)We played Everquest, world or Warcraft, and Now Aion Online, Beta tested a lot but mainly played these 3 games. In this blog we want to make posts about them,our adventerus how cool this and that is etc.Dunno how good it will be or what it will become in the furure

Blogging is Very New to us and we have always wanted to make a blog on anime, and add Video games to the list and see how that does. Most my time is spend on these games so figured why not.As you can tell me and joey do alot together, i came up with this site and the idea and my brother wanted to help me with it and i thought it be great to have 2 different veiws on things rather then Jsut one.


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